robert in UO, then Dave Back in Bend Oregon, with Kevin then with kevin and jon back to eugene, lived with kevin and the wop then with kevin then with diane beck Sangea, Kapp dave scott steve perry and curtis (for two weeks) lance tim nathan long-haired "what are you some girl" fellow tim again, in seattle Mehdi Frank Sullivan holly bainbridge: ian deb tim casey eugene: andrew seattle: tan the other fellow the pink house: 1 2 3 Tim, Theo Berkeley: Men's shelter Matt, 2 others Arvada: Jeff, 3 others (but they were charges) Amsterdam: Denis, Robert Seville: Peter Marie Jan Dublin: Stefano Mateo Ormo Ludevic, one other Kilkenny: Kristina Melissa Sonja Kim in Nijmegen Bryan Sanja James Johnny Valentin Saor Stefan Eamon