Herald-Tribune in Kilkenny

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I pick up my copy of the International Herald Tribune at a shop in the Market Cross shopping center. The lady there has said she will hold a copy for me every day that it comes in.

The International Herald Tribune doesn't come in every day. Printed in the UK, it must be off the ferry when the truck leaves Dublin, or I don't get one. Once a week, probably, it doesn't come to Kilkenny.

The Irish Times is a good paper; at least, I can pore over it for a while, as I can the few papers that I like. And, for the fact that it's Irish, it's worth reading in Ireland.

I can really only have the time to read one newspaper a day. The IHT is hard to resist, because it's "published with the New York Times and Washington Post." To me, the practical effect is of a sort of a "NYT Lite," with other stuff thrown in. It's not that I mean to disrespect the Post, but I like the New York Times. It is for the writing of the Times that I buy the IHT.

The daily New York Times is unavailable in the little bit of Europe that I've seen. I found the Sunday edition in a couple of places in Amsterdam. But that's it.

The International Herald Tribune costs about a dollar and a half. It's 16 pages, normally. It includes Doonesbury, Dilbert, and reprints of Calvin and Hobbes.

M.L. Dore's on the high street of Kilkenny has a copy of the Irish Times for the customers to read.