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A little frustrated one day in Ireland

26 March, 2004 —

I feel I'm surrounded by incompetence and bad design. Trying to do some banking, only to find that between my bank and my employer, nobody can find the money that I'm due.

I sat in front of the TV for a few brief minutes in a rare attempt to find some comfort there. All I find is idiocy. Speculation on Sky news about the reasons for the breakup of Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz.

And I find the delay in channel-switching on this fine new television to be exasperating. And the TV schedule magazine... instead of just listing shows by the times that they come on, they list shows of each channel, by the times they come on. Want to know what's on at a given time? Tough shit, and good luck.

I feel like the world of humans is designed by fools, and fools accept that it's that way.

Kilkenny, Ireland