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A.D. 2050

Interplanetary space station

Solar System, 25th Western European century —

The physical plant of recycling, mining, and "garbage gun" functions were always located in the center of any Interplanetary Space Station's disk. There, also — usually obverse — was the entrance/exit module.

Towns were on the outside perimeter of the outlying rings themselves; where the rotation velocity created a centrifugal 1 Earth-Gravity. The inhabitants were Earthlings.

Transportation between the nonspinning hub and the spinning disk was a tedious affair by 25th-century standards. An Earth-based consortium, a foundation of commercial interests, had offered a billion shekels to anyone who could produce a working alternative to the standard mode of intercommunity travel.

The worst part — the least popular — was the physical experience of being brought "up to spin" in that central tube so as to be able to enter one of the ports to the radial disk. Not a bother in the larger wheels, the "spin-up" of a smaller community's portal chamber could be nauseating.