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My angry letter to the Irish Anti-war Movement


I was a little bit pissed off, in the springtime of 2003....

Just before the demonstration in Belfast in protest of the visit of Messrs. Bush and Blair, I sent an email to this address. I wanted to know whether or not you would be running a bus from or passing anywhere nearby Kilkenny.

I'd read in the Irish Times, after all, that your organization had been hoping to run buses from other parts of the island, as well as from Dublin. So I asked.

Nobody responded. Not a dickie-bird.

Beyond the fact that it would have been polite to send me a note, [I am often rudely neglectful myself] you are The Irish Anti-War Movement. In that capacity, you theoretically represent the opposition in this country to unjust war. You could have sent me an email.

I'm not shocked. In my country, the United States, the Anti-war and allied socially-progressive movements have historically been bereft of any serious organization, it seems to me. I don't really know. I do notice a familiarity in the kind of absence that I've encountered with your office. Like there's nobody there.

What would I know? I don't get involved. Every once in a while I need a reminder why I don't bother myself with organizations. The only ones organized are the jackboot thugs.

We're doomed, my friends.

Thank you,

Steve Edwards

— 25 April 2003, Kilkenny Ireland