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Irish weather talk

In Ireland, a comment about the weather is more than just a way to start conversation — it's the only way.

Lovely day, isn't it?
"Lovely" is not considered an effeminate term.
They're giving it good. Sun predicted
Miserable day
Not a comment on the quality of the day itself, only the weather conditions.
Bad aul' day, isn't it?

Grand aul' stretch in the evening Days are getting longer
Sunshower Brief sprinkle
Soft day Rainy
Dirty Rainy
Bucketin' Raining hard
Close Humid
The Sun does be splittin' the stones It's bright and hot. (Relatively hot)
Gorgeous Grand, smashing "Yes it is, thank God"
Lashing Pissing, pouring ... "It'd be a lovely country if it had a roof."