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I've been afraid to put it in writing.

I am not attracted to Irish women.

I don't like to say it — much less to write it.

But I have to write about it. I know that I will write about it, some day. I will find my courage to say in writing what it is that I'm really feeling now, these days, here in Ireland.

Since I know that I am going to have the courage to write about it after I leave the country, my conscience — against itself — tells me that I must find courage to write here, now, about what is real now.

The most "incorrect" feeling that I have about Irish female sexuality — and the feeling that is the least-avoidable — is that they have no ass.

Well. Okay. There, I wrote it. Irish women have no ass. That sounds terrible. What an awful thing to say, about any woman and awfully more so about an entire population.

But it's true. Irish women have, at the top of the backs of their legs, a place where their legs attach to the torso. There is no curvature there.