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Italian bureaucracy according to an American filmmaker in NL

Anno 2000, The Netherlands

I lived in Amsterdam from May until December of 2000.

I spoke with a guy in Coffeeshop The Rookies in Amsterdam who was working as a filmmaker, and had done some work in Italy. He compared the Italian bureaucracy to that of Holland.

I'd had a taste of Dutch bureaucracy and had recounted some of it to him.

He said that, if anything, the Italian bureaucracy was even worse. He told about a project that he had been working on there, for some part of which he needed government approval.

Over a period of six weeks he'd gone to the same office, to the same woman at the same desk. Each time, the paperwork was still in progress. He did the only thing he could do, which was to keep returning to ask about the "progress." After six weeks, she refered him to another office.

He got upset. He asked her why she had not told him to do so from the beginning.

"Well," she said, and paused — in this guys description of her reply — "Let's forget about the past, shall we?"

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