It'll be alright { An Irish way of acceptance } [a list] Kilkenny People:
Deadline normally monday (changed a while ago from Tuesday because copyreaders were made redundant)
Week of Paddy's day, deadline moved to the Friday prior.
  There was a notice in the paper.
    as if one who'd want to place an ad the following week ought to be responsible for reading the ads section the week before.

Does the bit about personal ads beling in here. few people would complain. Moan, but don't make formal complaint

An outdoor stairway composed of steps that do not correspond to the length of an average person's footfall.

Instead of creating landings at intervals, and using these to achieve the proper grade of the overall stair, the steps are merely divided according to the overall grade. If a person has to take over-long strides or mincing double-steps -- at least you'll get to the top or bottom of where you're trying to go.


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"You're the first one to complain about it."