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Janet Jackson's tit, as seen from Holland

February 2004—

Just after midnight in Holland, 6 in the afternoon Superbowl Monday in America, I downloaded the video clip of Janet Jackson's tit.

Of course, later that day, Dutch news programs were playing it at every reel, smirking and smiling about this insanity.

The FCC was already investigating the issue.

A week later, commentators from New Delhi to New York are frothing at the mouth about the cultural significance of the Jackson-Timberlake stunt, and the wider implications of the halftime show in general. My God.

Sad, sad people.

I never knew people were so lonely and bored. I guess this matter does have wider implications.

It's kind of strange that I was unable to find a screenshot of the moment. The Google search that comes up by default within the Netherlands is automatically filtered. I've had to resort to a file-sharing client to capture the image. Strange, that google.nl has no option to disable the family-safe filter.

Strange world.