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The drywell

False reporting without consequence

When the Department of Human Services visited, it was the beginning of the end for Mom. Jeff had made a report to them, pursuant to his desire to sell her property.

She was digging around the catnip when the investigator arrived, and in her slowing mind he didn't approve of her being on the ground. It was an investigation. They talked for a while before I heard voices and found them in the front yard. He was congenial and professional and found no basis for any of Jeff's complaints.

Jeff complained that I had used medicine improperly. Seeing UTI in Mom's eyes, I started her on a course, and called her doctor's team in the morning. They put in for more of the same, and instructed me to switch to the new batch when it came in. The lab confirmed my diagnostic. Dad should have finished the course of anti-biotics, because that's how to use them, but I was right to use for Mom the medicine I'd found.

Jeff also complained that Mom's income was less than what it really was. The investigator concluded that Jeff didn't even know what he was talking about.

But there weren't any consequences.


Mom broke her hip that winter. While she was in the Bend St. Charles, Jeff made a complaint to Adult Protective Services. The head doctor there said it "complicates things." In Redmond, they held her for some duration as "technically not even an in-patient" who even so could not be released.

One time I called and talked to Mom and she cried. The nurse was harsh, as if she had been lied to about me, and then I was banned from seeing Mom at the hospital.

On Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, Jeff and Doug sent me to jail for assault, and locked the doors of the house while I was away. It took them a while longer to get me out, but it worked. They lied to dispatch, to the sheriff's deputies, to attorneys and at least two judges.

Jeff and Doug moved her to a facility and began emptying her house for sale.

Somebody filed a restraining order against me in Mom's name. The judge threw it out because it wasn't her, but there were no consequences.