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Journal archive, March 2010 - February 2011

• Made page "Corkonian terms" (about lexicon from Cork, Ireland) — 21 February 2011
• Irish "Consumers pay highest broadband rates in EU" — The Irish Examiner.
  ... A timely reminder of my experience which is that Irish internet service providers design their business model to rip off the customer. — 20 February 2011
Gaelic Irish language endangered.... — 20 February 2011
Imitation goods and services in Ireland — 20 February 2011
• Well, it took three decades, the self-immolation of a street vendor in Tunisia, and the ignition of democratic fervor in Africa and the Middle East -- but Americans might finally be standing up against the brutal corporatist policies of Ronald Reagan. — 18 February 2011
  ("Union Protests Over Collective Bargaining Spread From Wisconsin to Ohio" [Bloomberg])
• Bahrain is smaller than the King Fahd International Airport across the water in Saudi Arabia. — 17 February 2011
• It's as if the governments across northern Africa and the Middle East are all saying "yeah, we're going to change — real soon;" but that their idea of "real soon" is compared to decades, whereas "real soon" to people in the streets actually means "now." — 13 February 2011
Cowards in groups obsessed with their da's cock — 13 February 2011
Doubling the "L" in European and American English — a rule. Updated 13 February 2011
• "Do you understand this?" — a rude question, in the wrong language. — Edited, 13 February 2011
• Sometimes I wish I could continue on as if nothing were amiss, the way that most people seem to do. Other times I just wish I didn't have to break something. — 11 February 2011
If you know me, this website is not for you. — 8 February 2011
• He'd invented a basic text-evolution algorithm. One evening, he discovered what it can do.... — 7 February 2011
Irish ripoff broadband...
• Writing has partially displaced human ability to remember....

• According to Wikipedia, there are 193 sovereign states, and 10 states that "have de facto sovereignty or independence" but which lack broad official ("diplomatic") recognition.

Measuring by these criteria, my website, since I began taking notice on October 2009, has gotten at least one visit from either 1.) just more than half of them, or 2.) just less than half of them.

As of 21 January, when somebody from Bahrain viewed my work, I've had visitors from 101 countries.

The Prisoner of Riverside Drive — 6 January 2011

Information learns to be free — 11 December 2010

• I was fixing the Pacific Garbage Patch debacle in a dream I had.... — 8 September 2010

• What is the generative relationship between consciousness and matter?... — 10 August 2010

He'd lit the match, but couldn't find his cigarettes.... — 31 July 2010

• "Onder vier ogen," Dutch, literally translates as "under four eyes." "Între patru ochi," Romanian, translates as "Between four eyes." The idiomatic meaning is the same — between you and me; in private conversation. — 26 July 2010

It's quite a long-distance similarity — two forms of a fairly peculiar expression; and it probably illustrates something about how clichés, as memes, can spread cross-culturally and trans-linguistically.

Venlo, NL, claims to be older than Nijmegen — 25 July 2010

• I've seen the dark side of Ireland.... — 24 July 2010

• I don't understand the question "do you understand this," an obsession of the bilingual — always expressed in English. — 23 July 2010

There might be something wrong with anybody who decides to never enjoy sex. — 21 July 2010

Only Jesus-based opinions, please — My comment rejected at a website established by and for ex-members of my childhood religion... — 15 July 2010

• One of my least-favorite of my own habits is the irritability that I feel at people's insensitivity to personal space and physical movement.... — 14 July 2010

• As an American here in Ireland, I've done an "Irish-culture pop quiz" a few times lately amongst the native population, to this effect: "Where is it okay to talk to women?" We all know the answer — and any bloke will answer in one word. Birds may hedge and hesitate, but that doesn't change the only answer, which only differs by whether one calls it a "pub" or a "bar." — 1 July 2010

• God, I'm sick of looking at the crinkled Irish female brow. Centuries of religious oppression are still worn into the faces of those who still cannot legally decide whether or not they'd like to have a child.

— 28 June 2010

• "Web site under construction" — the entire content of broadband.gov.ie — 7 April 2010

• "Vatican Declined to Defrock U.S. Priest Who Abused Boys" and "G.O.P. Forces New House Vote on Fixes to Health Bill." That's the fucking news today. — 25 March 2010

• Some ladies outside a pub here in Cork offered me a pint of lager in exchange for participation in a survey. I was thirsty. I asked them what kind of lager. They said Heineken. I told them I don't like Dutch beer. The truth is I wouldn't drink it with stolen lips.*   — 12 March 2010
  * .. To paraphrase George Carlin ...

• I was harrassed for more than two years by some teen lads in Kilkenny, and I learned some of the horrific features of groupthink and the viciousness of which some people are capable when they feel anonymous....

Today in Kilkenny I saw a teen lad who harrassed me for two years, behind my back, with the filthiest most hateful language I've ever heard -- and encouraged others to do the same. It wasn't until I lived in Cork, free of harrassment, that I realized how much I hate him, in particular. I called him a vicious coward, today, to his face, and I told him I'm never going to forgive him. And I meant that. And I believe it.

• I think that that loosely-closed-fist gesture, with that goofy loosely-pointed thumb atop it, is a little bit evil. Sarah Palin does it; Fox News hacks do it too.

•When somebody writes that a solar electricity-generating facility can provide "enough to supply 100 homes for a year," the phrase "for a year" has no meaning. — 29 November 2010

• If it doesn't make sense, it probably doesn't. — 24 November 2010

The great washing-up conversation debacle quandary.... — 21 November 2010

• A story about a page that I didn't write.... — 16 November 2010

• The gyroscopic suitcase — a sketch. — 17 November 2010

• Fox News is not a journalistic endeavor. Fox News is a political organization. — 16 November 2010

Space, the final frontier...
  I've lived with about 70 people.... — 12 November 2011

• Beware the "death of people's ability to pay attention" syndrome; people writing books — books! — about the death of print. "Of the making of books there is no end," wrote Solomon, in Ecclesiastes — as if to say "my book is the last one that makes any sense." Now people are writing books about how there's no end of writing online, and how they're almost ready to faint, so offended are their sensibilities. — 23 October 2010

• "You can't say that." — 23 October 2010

• Single payer? Public option? And you want people to speak English? (I think you were trying to say "universal health-care.") — 4 October 2010

• I'm working on a page called lingua-francaphone — 4 October 2010

• Made page "repressed," un cri du coeur from Catholic Ireland. I'm sorry. — 30 September 2010

• I find it hard to believe that (as according to the Irish Independent) Airtricity would claim that the combination of a rate for gas 20% below that of Bord Gais and for electricity 6% below that of ESB amounts to a "combined discount of 26%." — 22 September 2010

• God, give me the strength to let people who already know what they want to believe think what they want to think. — 13 September 2010

• The declaration of English as *an* official langauge would be comparable to bureaucratic stipulations in many bilingual and multilingual countries. There's nothing wrong with that kind of legislation, per se — but, in the U.S. it could hardly be more than a politcal stunt based upon racial-cultural emotions. English is so powerful nationally and internationally that it can't need much support. — 10 September 2010

• My iMac is (still) crap. — 4 September 2010

• I wonder what it means that Americans are still willing to elect Republicans. — 4 September 2010

• The more that I see how every culture can do some things so fantastically well and other things so completely bone-headed, the more I become convinced that humans have not yet evolved a desire to be happy. — 19 July 2010

• Recent linguistic development: In interview, young Americans involved in technology now begin explanatory sentences with the word "so." — July 2010

• The first rule in a conservative culture is "it's done that way because it's done that way." The second rule would be a punch-line, but this is not a joke. — 24 June 2010

On English, the "easiest language." ...

• .. And yet the Irish still allow the Catholic church to dictate on a woman's freedom to choose.

• Bishops in Ireland are dropping like flies. Apparently institutional failure to protect a nation's children from violent sexual abuse is unacceptable... eventually. — 18 April 2010

• "Vatican Declined to Defrock U.S. Priest Who Abused Boys" and "G.O.P. Forces New House Vote on Fixes to Health Bill." That's the fucking news today. — 25 March 2010

• The half-decent banks in Ireland are closing -- the non-Irish ones, the ones that don't charge some quarterly twelve-euro "maintenance fee," (before any of the additional extra charges that the "good ones" are proud not to levy.)
  — March 2010

• I try to use only ideas that are 100% organic and fully rethinkable.
  — 4 March 2010

Sarah Palin is the face of the U.S. Republican party -- but Rush Limbaugh is its body. — February 2010

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