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Kids are funny

Kids are not funny.

Adults will often commit a child's comment to long-term community memory, passing it around as if it's entertaining — without ever knowing or caring how mortifying it might be for the kid.

Mis-pronunciations, misunderstandings, and early language explorations can become solidified in the memory of the adults in a kid's life and become a joke that perpetuates — that the adults perpetuate.

The kid, of course, can have no knowledge that this might be happening, no comprehension of long-term effects. The kid doesn't know that when he or she says something accidentally or intentionally clever or entertaining, it might never go away.

Even something that is funny to the kid, worth a laugh at the time, soon becomes un-funny when it comes back as cute. It becomes painful, and there's no solution....

Any adult should know this. Every adult has been a child. Everybody should understand how kids don't like to be made to feel stupid.

But no; kids are funny.