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Grapevine hostel Dingle

Steve heard Kim or Esther talking in Dutch, or talking about Holland. Kim asked me if I knew any swearwords. GVD -- really bad.

Kim brought Esther away in the morning

Steve got some orange juice, grain roll and yoghurt

Met in the kitchen. Kim said "shall we sit down?"

I offered Kim some orange juice, she told me about what she wanted to do. Rent a bike. I told her about "Foxy John's."

I told her I was going to Blasket. (I remember asking her to go; she remembers asking me if she could go.)

Both decided to stay one more night in hostel, reserved beds.

Bread and cheese.

Boat was fully booked 11 o'clock. Wait til 1:00 o'clock

Sat by the harbor, talked about families. her having a boyfriend. I rubbed the back of her head. She turned her face upward and I kissed her.

On the boat skipping over the waves high cliffs, with a farm above and cows.

Blasket with the rubber boat

We walked up to the village and we found one little house with a roof and Kim said: We can live here. We walked some further and found a nice place to sit. Sat there for 2 hours. Walked up, this butterfly was following us. We walked up to the top, stopped and started crying, because we didn't think we could be together, or maybe just because we loved each other so much. We aren't sure exactly. On top was a ruin.

We found out that it was almost six, so we ran back to the water down the hill. Got on the boat just in time. We sat very close, outside with the wind blowing in our faces.

Back in the hostel. American and English girls got mad at me.

And this guy told Kim that she should watch out, because he found Steve a creep and a seducer. He told Kim that Steve was trying to seduce her and that I should know that. She told him ja ja it's okay.

We sat on her bed, laughed, wrestled.

We had a shower together.

We got some pizza. Nobody really wanted to talk to us. Well they looked kinda confused about us being together.

We went out to Foxy John's. Talked to Dave. Dave told a joke.

Went back, kissed goodnight.

Through Tralee to Killarney

Walked around -- shit on shoe. sunny day. lying in grass, shoe far away.

went to disco

Irish breakfast

rent bikes, Killarney National Park.


Kim swam.

Mansion, where we ate.

Carved our names

Missed the bus, called woman. I called Gary couldn't work the next day.

Kim wanted to camp in Park. Tent, bugs.

Went to Kilkenny.

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