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Timeline of an alleged harrassment

She's malicious....

It was 23rd of April, 2008. I'd bought a ticket to Romania — thus dating the event — and had called a Romanian friend and shared a drink with him. After a few beers at The Playwright, I went up to O'Faolain's with a woman I'd met.

I met a friend of Karen's, at O'Faolain's. We talked about Karen, and about the father of her child, who is a friend of mine. It was a friendly conversation. I was impressed with her, finding her intelligent and attractive. I'd been drinking, yes. But she was impressive (and I had to wonder what she's doing associated with that other one.)

I saw her a couple of days later from the window of my room and I called down to her, saying hello. "Hi, how are you," she lilted in her Scottish accent.

A few weeks later, on the 20th of May, my friend said Karen had told him I'd been harrassing Kim.* My friend asked Kim if she wanted him to talk with me, and she said yes. When I asked my friend "what did she say?," he admitted that she'd added no details to Karen's allegation.

On the 22nd of May, I met up with Kim on Kieran Street. She ignored me, imperiously and with an ugly look in her eye.

a few months later, when I saw her in a pub, I asked Kim about what she had said to Karen. She just looked down at the table. She didn't want to talk about it. By this time Karen had gone to her native Scotland with the child she'd had with my friend, and nobody was on her side anymore.

* The name Kim is the same as that of a woman I lived with for a while in The Netherlands, and about whom I've written elsewhere. There's nothing I can do about the coincidence.