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Some Irish words

  An bhfuil cead agam dul go dtí an leithreas?

The most-spoken sentence in the Irish language is a request for permission to go use the jacks - the restroom.

In state-run schools, Irish is a required subject, and in Irish class you have to speak it, or be quiet. If you choose the latter, there's still one sentence you need to know - the question about the toilet.

There's a story among adults about an encounter abroad where the tram police e.g. don't know what to do because a lad is speaking some language that they can't identify. English in Ireland is universal, the exceptions within a rounding error, so nobody on the Continent - statistically-speaking - knows what Irish sounds like. Otherwise, they'd probably know that this chancer speaks the global lingua franca. They wouldn't know what he just asked them, but they might ask him if he could please speak English.