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My Apple pedigree

My Apple pedigree is as such:

When I lived on Bainbridge Island in 1993, I was in a warehouse in the middle of the forest and I lived with and associated with visitors to the place many of whom were Macintosh enthusiasts. There were at least five Macs on-site, three of which were more-or-less accessible all of the time.

So I could play with them. And I had people whom I could ask, if I needed to know anything.

I started with Photoshop, just playing. But when I discovered text, I never went back. Digital text, I mean.

My first computer was a Mac SE II, a permutation of the Mac Classic. Eugene, Oregon, 2004. Portable unit, a tallish plastic box with a small black-and-white screen. I brought it to Seattle, where I lost it, and a lot of my work.

My second was another variation of the Classic. I think that the difference between the two was that the first had a 45 MB hard-drive, and the second an 80 MB. Berkeley, California.

These two machines had something that I wish that I could have now.

My third computer was the first-or-second generation of iMac. Orange.

I began using Windows machines when I went to the Netherlands, and used three of them during the proceeding nine years.

My fourth Macintosh was (is, at the time of this writing, autumn 2009,) an iMac. OSX 10.5.8.

It's not as fantastic as I'd expected.