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"Gluestick," My original website, disappeared in the dot-com crash and my move to Spain.

"Original project" a primitive file. — Summer 2000, Amsterdam The Netherlands

My tech Amsterdam — Autumn 2000

In hypertext — theory from Autumn 2001

Hosting services — Early 2002

I got a computer up north of Dublin, and carried it back to Kilkenny on the bus. — Spring 2002

Simple text; writing on a computer in my flat and carrying files on disk.... — Summer 2002

Survival of the fittest — August 2002

Considering doing some advertising — Autumn 2002

Now that I have the internet at home, I don't know what to do with it.... — Kilkenny, Ireland, February 2003

The internet as my hard-drive — 17 December 2003

A home page can be neither really an index nor a gateway.... — Spring 2004

Linkage of documents is an evolutionary process — April 2005 (updated March 2006)