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My "tech"

I write in the basic text program "Notepad," the one that shows the code source of a page in Explorer. I never touch Microsoft Word anymore; I should say, I haven't done so for some months.

I try to make everything into web-page format, if it holds together as a page.

I'm trying to get more online. This is true in the natural sense that it's a proper goal, but also in that if it's online, it's more secure than it is on any computer that I would own or be able to use. I've lost a lot. More, I just can't access. Some, I'm not so sure. Y' get the point.

I've experimented with automation. I find "macros" eternally fascinating. I don't use them, probably for that reason. Macros record actions, keyboard and/or mouse [keyboard not mouse is default, and best generally.] Whee, they're fun. But I don't have and have never found a good macro program for non-Macintosh; only that in Microsoft Word.

Microsoft can be an effective mediary tool, when you can explore and alter text in many varieties of mechanical ways.

But, well, it's mediary. Plus, it's not ubiquitous.

And so it becomes more simple. I work within the confines of the simplest technology. It is not asceticism, but naked practicality. And I'm proud of it, really. I know that I am developing work methods for myself. And I really enjoy it.

My use of technology has been affected in a very positive way, I feel, by being over here. I've had to adapt, and this has encouraged me further online. This has its natural dangers, and they're serious. But for me the idea of never being read--that was serious. Now, my web pages are being read.