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Part of the problem with writing a journal online is that the initial phase is manic and busting. You'd want to bust out, and you want to write all the bad you need it to express, to let it out, to write all the crazy things you've been holding in. then you find maybe in a while that what you've extruded out this medium that way it's not even-handed it's not tempered, you've just gone and put too much down on paper into the file you've made pages that are desperate too revealing not what you'd intended.

You only wanted to open a venue for expression, and you want to create files that are valuable or enjoyable readable. What you've got instead is an amalgam a purified calcified a forced openness. Some things you wish you could express, but the ridiculous bare nature too exposed.

You've exposed too much. Not that it isn't something you wanted to expose, because perhaps it is. It's just that sometimes the uglier, "I don't want to hide this anymore" element comes fore.