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Egypt upheaval may send shockwaves far beyond the Arab world —
"People power has never been so exciting. When the wind of democracy blows, it does not always take into consideration political boundaries."
— 14 February 2011

Denis Donaldson, d. April 2006, a high-ranking figure in Sinn Féin; and for two decades a spy for the British....

• Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert blames Democrats for exposing Mark Foley's dalliances with teen House pages — October 2006

Q. What's the difference between the Gardaí (Irish police) and the Kaiser Chiefs?
A. The Kaiser Chiefs can predict a riot. — March 2006

• Halliburton subsidiary KBR got a contract in February 2006 for the construction of detention centers on U.S. ground....

• Gaza Strip holdout settlement Kfar Darom evacuated — 18 August 2005

Cooper, Miller, Plame, Novak, Bush and Rove — July 2005

Eason Jordan, CNN exec, steps down and backs away after comment on journalists killed in Iraq. — February 2005.

Dick Cheney has the sniffles — 14 November 2004...

Brandon Mayfield released. He was arrested and held—without charges—under a 1984 material-witness statute. — 25 May 2004.

Mobile telephones get out the vote in Spain. — March 2004.

• "Stakeknife" Alfredo Scappaticci spirited to safety as newspapers expose him, a mole in the IRA for the British. — May 2003.

• U.S. kills three journalists in two incidents on the same day during the attack on Baghdad. — April 2003.

• "Total Information Awareness" program renamed "Terrorist Information Awareness" — Spring 2003...

• Laura Bush cancels poetry symposium to avoid anti-war pieces being read — February 2003

• Irish voters pass Nice Treaty in second referendum on the matter. — October 19, 2002.

• Tara Shine, a Kilkenny woman, discovers a breed of small, cave-dwelling crocodiles previously known to people only by a local tribe in Mauritania — August, 2002.

Roy Keane quits the Irish soccer team on the verge of the World Cup. — May, 2002.

Kabul, Ardoyne, Queens — a news mosaic from 17 November 2001 ...

ETA, the Basque separatist group, makes an offer of peace to the Spanish government. — October 2001

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