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News during my first visit to Romania

I stayed in Romania for about a month in late 2007 and early 2008.

December 2007, January 2008 —

France bans tobacco smoke in enclosed public venues... — 2 January 2008

• China decrees that grocery stores and shops cannot give plastic bags to customers free of charge....

• Romania got an exception to the European Union injunction against the country's ritual slaughter of the Christmas pig and Easter lamb....

• King Mihai designated Princess Margareta heir to the throne — dynastic successor and custodian of the Romanian crown. The declaration — entirely symbolic, 60 years after Mihai abdicated — is a repudiation of traditional male-only coronation, which "does not correspond with the human-rights customs [drepturilor] of Europe today, nor with the values of Romanian society."
    — The newspaper "Evenimentul Zilei," 31 December 2007

• The Bechtel corporation, strangely conspicuous in Romanian newspapers...