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There's no date on this file, which is a shame.
I have not been extremely productive lately, and there may be several reasons for this.

The one possible reason which I resist — that I do not want to believe, and must work to resist — is that I now have a great deal of time.

I am on the dole, and it is an ideal situation — providing only that I can grasp the opportunity and make use of this time.

I think that a lot of the reason that I have been in a lull of creative activity is that I am on the cusp of the next phase. I recently finished a bit of work, rather tedious in nature and not entirely inspiring — and I've been sort of casting about for my next sense of direction.

I recently completed a fairly thorough run-through of the pages on my website. This was a productive period. I corrected many of the errors that existed on my pages for months and in some cases years. Spelling errors, grammatical errors, and unclear passages — they're not all fixed, but much is improved.

But this was a nuts-and-bolts operation. Upon having this completed, to a degree, I find myself ready to proceed to the next phase.

The next phase involves the question "what do I want to do?"

This question involves the matter of what pages I want to write; the themes that are acceptable and appealing.

The question also involves the matters of structure; the ways that pages fit together.

And the question involves the matter of how I want to manage the issues of time-sequence. Time sequence is difficult, in a web-form set of documents. Add to this the difficulties behind the creation of "time-stamped" documents which cannot be altered very seriously with any integrity. (You can't make a page dated "3 August 2005," and change it beyond simple corrections, still calling it a page from 3 August 2005.)

Several times in the past, I have attempted to write in a journal-type time-sequential format. I've tried making a "general" file; I've tried making a sequential file of links to contemporaneous pages; I've tried to make an analogue of what many call "weblog." So far, these efforts have all run out of steam after a few entries, and I don't know whether I want to pursue the format. Ideally, I'd like to be able to, but in practice I have not clarified for myself a working method of doing so.

At this point, my working theory seems to be based upon writing small, local "constellations" of interrelated pages; and linking these constellations to the larger site via one or more of the consituent pages. The current example is my series of pages about being on the dole in Ireland; a series that in fact led to the creation of this page.

It seems to me that web pages are best suited to thematic writing. Single pages on a theme, linked to other pages by theme.

As for structure, it may best be left organically developed. It may be impossible to conceive the ways that pages fit together, beyond a limited range. The best way of "shaping" the pagescape could be the same way that I already only know how to do — just write, and link pages as best I can.