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Occasional news items from the Netherlands

KLM plans to enter the "space-tourism" market, flying out of the near-equator Dutch Antilles. Well, 100 km isn't really space, but it'll get you ten minutes of weightlessness relative to the inside of the craft. It's not cheap, and you'll have to wait.

17 November 2010

From today squatting in unoccupied buildings is illegal in the Netherlands.

... Technically. "The law" is different in NL. For example, when I visited in the autumn of 2007 (to see my American friend Deb,) there was a new law that stipulated how a bicyclist was to use lights -- white in front, red in back, anything else verboden. But even as news of the law was published, so was the news of the opinions of municipal and regional police forces about the likelihood that they'd enforce it.

— 1 October 2010