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Nijmegen, the Netherlands, August '03 - January '05

Chronological top down

I was living in Kilkenny Ireland, in the summer of 2003, when I took a bus toward County Kerry without a plan.

There, met a young Dutch woman....

• We spoke. I talked more with her friend, but noticed something really sweet about Kim. Her friend, homesick, went back to The Netherlands the next morning, leaving Kim traveling alone. — June 2003, Dingle, Ireland

• Our travels brought us naturally from Kerry to Kilkenny. — 2 July 2003

• I have to learn all-new key combinations in order to use the Dutch version of Notepad, Kladblok. — A chatty page — August 2003

I got a job working part-time at a bakery in Nijmegen — August 2003

• The day before yesterday, it rained all night and most of that day. The grass in the park had been almost all crisp yellow-brown, and dusty in spots. — 30 August 2003

Kim and I went to Amsterdam — 6 September 2003

• Kim bought a Laptop from Megapool — 7 December 2003

• I didn't feel like going to work.... — 28 September, 2003

Paris New Year, 2004

• I worked for a while at Café Helder — Winter 2003-2004

Mushrooms in Amsterdam — February 2004

• A very Dutch job interview at De Postduif bakery — Spring 2004


I went back to Kilkenny, Ireland. But Kim needed me — so after six weeks, I returned to Nijmegen. (2 March - 16 April.)


• Kim met me in Maastricht — April 2004

• I went back to the bakery — Spring 2004

• I need to do something — 25 April 2004

• "This last winter, Kim became very depressed, and one of the things she cried about was that I'm not legal. That is a big problem, in Holland. We were living in a tiny room, and with me working under tenuous circumstances (and then barely at all,) I thought I'd better do something. I had a vague plan that I'd go to Ireland, save money, come to the U.S. and apply for legal status, either in Ireland or Holland. As I said, it was a vague plan, based only upon thin information and the feeling I had to do something."
  — From an email to a friend, 18 May 2004

• Watching the TV documentary "Waterstof revolutie" (Hydrogen revolution,) and beginning to understand spoken Dutch. — June 2004

• "Not-listening;" pretending not to, while trying to learn, overhearing conversation — July 2004

• "Solicitatiebrief" aan Arend... "applying" [bureaucratic reasons] for a job at the bakery where I was working — 14 July 2004

• Holland is strangely traditional — August 2004

• I was by a canal in Zwolle when my boss called me with some news — 9 August 2004

• We sent a letter to CWI (Centrum voor Werk en Inkomen, an official employment agency) — 11 August, 2004

Letter from CWI on 17 August, 2004.

• The chance to become legal in Holland via work at the bakery is a great opportunity" — 21 August 2004

• We sent a letter to Center for Work and Income — 22 August 2004

• I forgot to set aside a ball of sourdough; this was an important error there at the bakery.... — 22 August 2004

CWI prepared to allow a 6-month work permit... — 22 August 2004

24 August 2004 — banking, tax number, this tiny room....

Not sleeping — 25 August 2004

• Reality has a strange aspect....

• We argued on Friday at the park. What did we argue about then? Neither separatist Chechnya, Abu Ghraib, nor anthro-centric scientific mysticism.... — 25 August 2004

I was angry that A_ had decided not to use the provisional work permit that the Dutch government had allowed us.... — August 2004

• Kim doesn't believe in me. This isn't something to fight against. Ditto, Arend; He doesn't believe in me either.... — 1 September 2004

• What are we going to do with it (the work permit?) Nothing.... — 2 September 2004

• The provisional work permit is here but I'm not sure we're going to use it.... — an email to Mom and Dad, 11 September 2004

• ...But I don't know if I can leave Kim.... — 15 October 2004

No organized leftist politics anywhere — December 2004

Refused to speak English in a shop — 18 December 2004

• "Steve. You're single? Come to Kilkenny." ...

• I've had to quit speaking English — 31 December 2004

• I'm going to Kilkenny — December 2004

Nijmegen to Kilkenny, January 2005