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Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Nijmegen is an ancient city founded on the south bank of the river Waal about ten kilometers downstream from the split in the Rhine (Rijn) as it goes delta, just inside the eastern border of The Netherlands.

Nijmegen stands at the foot of a Pleistocene terminal morraine, and at 32 meters in elevation, the main old city is well above the delta flatland — which probably explains its great antiquity. The Romans moved in amongst the Batavians.

Nijmegen became an important Roman trading and a military post, then an official municipality at the northern extent of the empire.

Nijmegen is a Roman town

The principal city on the northern border...

Oudste stad

Nijmegen is the oldest city in The Netherlands — with an asterisk....

U.S. bombs on Nijmegen

In February of 1944, American bombers flying out of Germany destroyed much of the inner city....


Statistical boundary, Catholic in the south and Protestant in the north....

Albert Delahaye, heretical scholar

City archivist from 1946 to 1957, he contradicted popular and sholastic ideas about regional history....

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