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Pay people to not work

The value of the work ethic

Employment has no intrinsic value. Much of what people do on the job is mere activity.

Often, a wage is essentially payment for being somewhere that one doesn't want to be.

A lot of the work that is being done isn't helping anybody. A lot of it is harmful.

Of the work that is useful, an increasing amount is being done by machines. This will probably not only continue, and not only increase, but increase at an increasing rate.

Bur productivity cannot continue to increase, certainly not without modifications to its effects on ecosystems.

If productivity cannot increase at the current rate, and people are going to be doing a smaller percentage of the total work, large-scale employment is unsustainable. Any profitable task that can be quantified will more and more likely be done by a machine.

The idea that work is inherently good is based upon antiquated thinking.