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Criticisms of Moore while awaiting "Fahrenheit 9/11"

I don't respect Michael Moore's journalistic style. He is not a journalist, and doesn't claim to be. Of course, to disclaim a sense of journalistic responsibility is disingenuous. Still, I forgive Mr. Moore his petty transgressions. Gracious of me, I know.

I've read parts of "Stupid White Men" recently. I remember being a bit frustrated when at one point he seemed to compare percentages on one hand with whole numbers on the other. That's not fun; xpecially when you like otherwise what you're reading. That jars the senses; not to mention that it creates a dissonance. The human mind needs consistency, and at least my mind needs logical consequence.

Somebody needs to talk about the atrocity of the United States' government's so-called leadership. Michael Moore has done that. Excellent, and I salute him to the stars.

Haven't seen it yet. The film doesn't yet have a distributor here.

— 26 June 2004, Nijmegen, The Netherlands