..And no ET contact...

No organized leftism

Nijmegen, NL, December 2004 —

The political left is in fine shape. Last evening, I passed by the supposed site of a demonstration against Premier Balkenende [of The Netherlands,] but nobody was there.

I was living in Ireland during the outbreak of invasion on Iraq. I had read that the Irish Anti-War Movement was planning to run buses through several locations, including Kilkenny, en route to a demonstration in Belfast. I wrote an email to the IAWM expressing interest. Nobody ever wrote back.

I don't know what the American left is like these days. I haven't been to America for a few years. But from what I remember, and what I (don't) read in the media, I can only guess that the American left, too, is ineffective.

I don't even want to think about the American left. That just makes me want to cry.

Maybe there's hope somewhere else. The Spanish did vote Aznar out.