Obama in Dublin

Obama, Kearney

Jane de Montmorency Wright
Bishop John Kearney
Gabriel Murray filmmaker
U.S. Ambassador to Ireland Dan Rooney

Obama may visit Kilkenny in May
May 24, r.e. kilkenny people

A tomb in the historic St Canice’s Cathedral has the remains of Bishop John Kearney (c.1742–1813)
provost of Trinity College Dublin in 1799 bishop of Ossory 1806-1813.
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"Published on Wednesday 16 September 2009 12:58
Dear Sir As someone who was recently involved in assisting Gabriel Murray with the research for his film relating to President Obama, I can understand his excitement at the discovery of the grave of Bishop John Kearney (Kilkenny People, September 4).
There is little doubt that Bishop Kearney and his son contributed to the history of the established church in the Kilkenny area, but there are some serious questions in regard to his relationship with the U.S. President."

"Jane de Montmorency Wright was the subject of much debate. Below we publish her family tree including a photo of her great, great, great grandmother Rose Kearney, a daughter of Bishop Kearney."

"He (U.S. Ambassador to Ireland Dan Rooney) was shown the tomb of Obama's sixth generation grand-uncle, Bishop Kearney, at St. Canice's Cathedral, Kilkenny by the dean of St. Canice's, Norman Lynas, who made Rooney and his wife Pat, honorary friends of the cathedral.

"BARACK Obama has a female relative living in Kilkenny, it was claimed yesterday.
It looks like everybody wants a piece of the US President - and now Jane de Montmorency Wright boasts family ties with him. Historian Gabriel Murray last year discovered the tomb of the President's relative, Bishop of Ossory John Kearney John Kearney (born 1924) is a Chicago- and Provincetown-based American artist famous for making figurative sculptures, often of animals, using multiple, found metal objects, specifically bumpers from automobiles. ..... Click the link for more information., at St Canice's Cathedral, which had lain undetected for 100 years."
The Free Library > General Interest/Informational > General interest > The Mirror (London, England) > April 2, 2010

Cathedral holds key to secret of Obama's Irish relatives -- kk people
"And so it was to St Can-ice's Cathedral that Kil-kenny film maker and writer Gabriel Murray came to find Obama's Lost Tomb."

Obama set to visit Ireland in May