Project HTML

I'm fascinated by HTML and it has become a big new project for me. It's a bit like LEGOs, which I love--but it's more difficult, less intuitive, to learn.

I want to be able to use HTML as second nature; I've come to feel it is an incredible tool for creativity.

I know that it is possible to be fascinated by the technology--or daunted by the possibilities--to the detriment of the original project.

Oh, what was my original project? I don't remember, but only that I would have to learn HTML to do it. Oh, yeah. I remember now; I wanted to do some writing.

And I have been. I have been.

But online, I have been enthralled and frustrated by HTML, and have been studious with experimentations. I've not been putting writing up; I haven't been getting it from paper to screen.

Building pages is fun. I've been making mostly templates and links pages--behind-the-scenes stuff.

The link page, the simplest of all my developments, is mightily useful and I've been using it to get a bit more organized.

It's all in the process of building web pages on the web--without hard-drive--and the fact that only a hyperlink on a page can effectively store the location of a document.

So putting together columns and rows of text links in a page is a way to sort of get things available and to gather associated items. Just like it sounds.

But it's still "workshop" stuff.

I think that I need to make the "I've Been Making Web Pages" page I've been intending. I do have some pages, and of course various ideas.

Which is why I've been working on parts of a system; for, while I believe certain forms must evolve naturally, I can't just leave a scattered mess when I'm trying to build something. I need organization.