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Bend Motorists

Bend, Oregon —

For being such a self-proclaimed active outdoor culture, Bend is remarkably unfamiliar with pedestrianism.

Every day that I walk any distance I encounter a motorist who freezes at the sight of me, stopping in the middle of traffic, in almost any situation where I am standing at roadside.

Let's disregard for now the incompetence of that kind of driving. And maybe it's just one of those weird little cultural manifestations that cannot be explained.

(that, for example, you didn't even consider whether you were going to save me any time, and you potentially endangered others by stupidly altering the flow of traffic.) Let's disregard that.

I know how to cross a street. Anybody who knows how to walk - and walks - knows how to cross a street. Motorists in Bend do not suspect that I might know how to do that. I suspect that Bendites really do not walk, ergo we are not an active outdoor culture.