The iMac's lack of page-up and page-down buttons

The iMac's most emblematic display of contempt for the user is its keyboard's lack of a page-up and a page-down button.

I know, the internet is full of exhuberant expression of contempt — there's too much of it. Besides that, there's no shortage of commentary on tech in general. But okay.

The lack of an easy way to move one page up and one page down within documents in various programs is inexcusable. I cannot make any sense of it, and I don't know how anybody could fail to be disgusted — I mean, anybody who has a serious interest in using a computer to write or to read.

Anybody who finds it acceptable to sit and wait for the cursor to crawl down whilst he or she holds down an arrow button or thinks that it's okay to have to use the mouse for this purpose really just has no feeling about effective handling of text.

After more than a year, I still do not have a clear, natural automatic motion for the different "work-around" methods that I require. In Firefox, the spacebar is page-down and shift/spacebar is page-up; in Explorer, option/spacebar functions as page-up. In my text editor, it's option/up-arrow and option/down-arrow. The details are unimportant — the point is that there should be two buttons that are specific to the purpose.

The tiny sexy thin keyboard is Designed, with a capital "D" — its functionality clearly subservient to aesthetic form.

Amongst all of the frustrating characteristics of the modern iMac, the lack of a page-up and a page-down button is the most egregious.

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