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The Polish want you to smile

The Polish tend to be concerned about your demeanor. Of all the nationalities I've met, Polish people would be the most likely to tell you "smile."

I've been told, also, to "dance."

"Come on...." You can add the ending for yourself; the gist of it being that you need to act as if you're happy — as if, more to the point, you are participating.

The effect, for me, is as if my demeanor either affirms or detracts from the experience of the person, who feels the need to speak up. I tend to resent such an apparent hanging-on, a dependency upon me to behave in a particular way or be confronted about it.

But that's just part of the Polish national psyche, apparently.

I've asked a couple of Polish people about this, and they have agreed that I'm seeing it correctly. That is, the Polish do tend to be more concerned about conformative social demeanor than do other peoples.

So, apparently, that's just normal, a general tendency within the culture. No need to be offended.


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