polynesian triangle



the Polynesian Motif
DNA evidence.

  showed Easter Islanders Polynesian, not South American

Rapa Nui


http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paaseiland#Geschiedenis :

Jacob Roggeveen

Volgens beschrijvingen van Roggeveen leefden er twee groepen op het eiland: PolynesiŽrs en 'blanken'. Deze blanken waren de Langoren, ook wel Hanau Epe genoemd



The Polynesians brought the chicken to the Americas

"In 2007, an international team of scientists reported the results of analysis of chicken bones found on the Arauco Peninsula in south central Chile, and their results were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States [2]. The bones dated to between 1304 and 1424 A.D. The DNA revealed links with chicken remains from prehistoric Polynesia, particularly Tonga and American Samoa. These findings support the theory that ancient Polynesian seafarers visited the New World before Columbus' arrival in the Americas and brought the ancestors of modern araucanas with them."



The sweet potato and the Araucana chicken are both strong pieces of evidence for a pre-Columbian Polynesian link across the Pacific.