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Two-day jobs

Pordylo's — a one-day job

Kilkenny Ireland

I worked at Pordylo's in the Butter Slip for one evening in Early 2002.

I remember the approximate date because the euro had just come in. There was a lot of fiddling when it made its debut — merchants rounding prices up, and employers taking advantage of the fact that, at €1.27 to the Irish pound, the euro sounded like more money.

I worked a ten-hour shift on a Monday evening. B_ said "not every shift will be that long." He was asking me to work five evenings a week for 200 euro. Even in pounds IRL, that would not have been a reasonable wage.

So, there he was, asking me to sign on for a set wage to work undefined hours, a miserable two hundred euros per week, the trial period having been a ten-hour Monday evening (normally the shortest of the week in any kitchen.)

Four euros per hour, if the other nights were no longer.

I declined the opportunity. I remember being quite poor at the time, too. I needed the money. But not that badly.

Pordylo's sports a "commis chef required" sign in the window of the kitchen. Always has, for two-and-a-half years, at least. It's behind a mixer and a lamp, from its access point inside the kitchen — so it would be difficult to remove if they even wanted to do so.

Kilkenny, 2004