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Democracy gone hijacked

No reason for the war

My country is killing innocent people

March 2003

Ashamed to be American

...Physically uncomfortable and slightly disoriented....

— 17 March, 2003

The insanity I feel is not only in my head. If you'd call that a consolation, then there it is.

My country is going on an adventurous killing spree. No, not a killing spree. A... what is it? A war, an invasion. People will die. Less inquest will be made over the murder of hundreds or thousands than would be made if one person were found dead in Central Park.

Invasion. A sovereign country. Innocent people, an unnecessary war.

It's sickening, and hard for me to believe that the sentiment is not universal. Maybe I really am a bleeding-heart liberal. Maybe people really are just assholes. Maybe ignorance is endemic, default, preferred.

Maybe people are stupid. Maybe people really kind of like murder, so long as it's justified. No matter the brush has been dipped in the wrong paint. Never mind that. So long as it's justified by somebody who speaks with confidence. Authority.

Poxy authority. I always told you you could kiss my ass.
17 March, 2003; St. Patrick's Day