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r.e. screenprinting to facebook

I really want to build a screen-printing shop in the Pacific Northwest. The reasons that this is important to me is all back-story. It's important -- I'll leave it at that.

I have a pretty strong idea about the tools and materials that I need to build a basic operation, and I'll be putting the word out on various occasions about objects or materiel that I'm seeking. I don't want to ask for material assistance -- money, for example; but I do want to ask people to help me locate basic necessities that are going for cheap or nearly-cheap.

I can build a shop from almost nothing if I can achieve the basic necessities -- a few basic tools, a few task-specific supplies, a bit of custom welding, and of course a rudimentary workspace.

Even the welding can wait a bit. Not long, though, because any really classy work [dark fabric] requires at least two screens, which requires a carrousel printer. I won't explain. I'll show anybody who becomes curious.