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Kitchens that I've worked in since I began writing web-pages in 2000.

• "Effort yourself to learn some Spanish...." — Restaurante Mex Rock, Seville Spain, early 2001

Ciao Bella Roma — Dublin, summer 2001

The Malt House — Galway Ireland, September 2001

• Chef tells captive audience about a movie... — Lautrec's Brasserie, Kilkenny Ireland, autumn 2001

Moody Cool's, a farce in one act... — Kilkenny Ireland, late 2001

Breathnach's, Kilkenny Ireland — a two-day job...

Kytelers Inn, Kilkenny Ireland, autumn 2002

Zuni Restaurant and Townhouse — Kilkenny Ireland, early 2003

Cafe Helder (hoewel in horeca niets helder is) — Nijmegen The Netherlands, winter 2003-2004

Bean counters at the Pine Tavern... — Bend, Oregon, summer 2012