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I'm sitting here with my sights locked on the behemoth jugernaut Christianity. I'm drinking from a sixpack of Tuborg lager, and my thinking is getting a little bit more loosened up.

I never said I was here to save anybody. I never said I had anything to replace this heaving deadly beast after I shoot it in the head. That's grand--you find your little nitpicks and dig out the faults that you can find in me.

The only reason that I'm sitting up here with this huge rifle and surgical-grade optics up top prime-grade ammunition loaded up and locked into firing chamber... the only reason for all that is that you've left me no alternative.

And I don't ask your forgiveness. I don't request your understanding. I just want you to know why I'm going to shoot your precious religion monster in a vital organ.

Christianity is garbage.

The Bible is crap.

The Good Book? It's not even a good book. And the effect it has on people is disastrous.

It's time to do something. I've had enough.

Okay, okay. I'm not going to shoot anything. I do not have a gun. That was a metaphor, and not a good one. Well, it was good; entertaining. But it's not accurate and not at all responsible. And while I will not be defined by the morality of other people, I do want to provoke serious thought. Provocative (it's only language) emotion-baiting rhetoric can only do so much. It's very tempting very tempting to slide into nearly-juvenile crankiness in this effort, confronting the parental and uber-dominant ideology of our civilization.

I don't have a gun.

I'm just a writer. A thinker. A sensitive soul, in league with my own relationship with God the universal consciousness/power.

My opinion is free. Your therapist can give you better advice. Your priest/minister/spiritual-advisor can better guide your way to salvation or whatever it is you seek. I'm on my own, and that's only what it's worth. I guess I speak only to those who are willing and able to think for themselves. Those who need to think for themselves.

First bullet: The Bible is not even internally consistent.

Second bullet: The Bible is full of awful ideas, which are much-better documented elsewhere, for anyone curious enough to check it out.

Third bullet: The modern Christian does not adhere to the teachings of the Bible except, as they so often derisively say, by a "pick-and-choose" method. This is inevitable because the teachings of the Bible are scattershot and inapplicable.

Fourth bullet: Modern Christianity is cruel. The teachings as currently practiced are antithetical to complex human behavior — finding only harm in sexuality, while justifying such horror as the war against Iraqis. Vietnamese. How far back do you want to take it? How far into the present?

Okay, well, that's probably enough. Believers will not be pursuaded.

I guess I just wanted to fire off a volley. Maybe contribute to the dialogue that does not exist.

So, there you go. Categorize it, assimilate or reject it. It's what it is.

Steve Edwards' website