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Dutch history

Romans in Holland

A Roman legion probably arrived in what is now The Netherlands about 55 BC.

In AD 47, the Romans let go the territory north of the Rhine (Rijn.) The great rivers — the split-up shifting delta branches of the Rijn — were from that time the northern border of the Roman empire.

Nijmegen was the first and the biggest Roman city in the land.

Prior to the arrival of the Romans, Batavians ruled the area. This germanic people had their own capital upon the hill that is modern-day Nijmegen.

The first Roman legions put their headquarters here.

After the Batavian uprising in 69-70, the Romans built a city, the capital of the "Batavian district." The famed Tenth Legion was housed here.

In 270 AD, Germanic attacks finally put an end to the "pax Romana" in the area. Around 400 AD, the last Roman legions left.

In the second century, Nijmegen had 5000 inhabitants. In the fourth century, the city stood almost empty.