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Estoy pobre

Running out of supplies

November 2002, Kilkenny Ireland —

The winter of 2001-2002 was a difficult one, financially. I'd quit my washup job to go to another, new restaurant and work as a "chef," or cook. The new place was a disaster and soon closed.

In February, I found a job in a(nother) restaurant, and then within two weeks a friend got me on at Heaton's, a department store.

I'm running out of necessary supplies. Olive oil. Toilet paper. My bedroom has no lightbulb in it.

I haven't paid rent in four weeks. The electric bill is going to come due soon.

I want to drink beer, and I can little afford it. I don't know when I will be working again.

I can't work at Hotel Kilkenny, since I don't have a work permit. Happy Times newsstand isn't hiring yet. Paris Texas was promising, and may pan out. The Pound Store isn't going to hire me. No word from Gary or Charlie yet.

I'm really thinking of getting some beer, and fuck it. Burn out, than fade away. Pray to God and kiss the stars goodnight. Hope for the best, a solution to come.

— 25 November, 2002. Rose Inn Street, Kilkenny