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Panic — out with it

Show the monster

Spring 2006 —

I've decided to start writing about panic.

I've experienced so-called "panic attacks" intermittently over the last two years. In the last couple of weeks, ...
[I suspended writing at this part of the sentence. During a couple of weeks in late March-early April {2006,} I felt panic every day.]

I believe, hypothetically, that speaking of the illness — giving a name to the monster — can help to dispel its power. In reality, I have spoken with few people

It is this liberation I want to attempt. Openness

A quotation attributed to the filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock has him advising against exposure of the "monster." Once you show the monster, the suspense is disipated.

The [complementary opposite:] if you want to dispel the suspense -- the tension -- maybe it's a good idea to show the monster.

— 8 April 2006