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The so-called end of the world

There is a tiny but non-zero theoretical possibility that human science will destroy Earth.

"The end of the world" has always been a myth. But now there is a new possibility.

The concept of "the end of the world" is egotistical and species-centric.

Kurt Vonnegut wrote in his final book, that even a moderate salvo of nuclear weapons would "kill the whole planet."

I think that's doo-doo.

Life has been continuous from almost as soon as the Earth cooled.

It would surely be almost impossible for humans to destroy it.

The variety; the diversity of environments; the extremity of conditions (including radioactivity) in which life is capable of thriving....

No; the so-called end of the world is nothing more than the collective human consciousness of the demise of our species — which, after all, is an occurence consistent with all of natural history.