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"Some Time With Feynman"

March 2005 —

Just finished reading "Some time with Feynman," © 2003 Leonard Mlodinow.

It's alright, a little bit cloying. I was happy enough to find a book about (Richard P.) Feynman in the Kilkenny (Ireland) library.

The third chapter is nearly wholly annoying, Mlodinov going on about his insecurities being accepted on staff at Caltech and all that blather. It's a book about Feynman, fergodsake.

Not an entirely heavy-hitting book, in any way.

My favorite part is the account of an exchange between the famed scientists and great intellectual rivals Murray Gell-Mann and Feynman himself:

"I've observed that there are many well-known cities whose names you don't seem to recognize," said Murray.

"Logically speaking, that means that either I'm an ignoramus... or you say them in a funny way."

"Not true," said Murray. "Logically speaking, it could also be both."

— 19 March 2005



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