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My tea, Amsterdam

Stick the kettle on

Tea is essential to Irish hospitality and for the morningtime break at work.

The service in an Irish house is not accompanied by any particular formalities, and it does not require any other comestibles — but it must include the offer of milk and sugar. (Technically, sugar is offered; milk is requisite.)

I know at least one Irish man who would forgo the cup itself if he hadn't milk to put in it — and there isn't an Irish person alive who'd not look at me funny because I drink it black.

The question "sugar?" — if you don't already know or remember — should elicit a response in the form of a number.

At work, tea-time is a formal break early in the day. Ten o'clock is normal, no matter what time you'd started. At work, tea-time involves a good little bit of something to eat as well. In fact, food is implied in "a cup of tea" at work.