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Cannabis waffle cookie

Bend, Oregon —

I had the idea to make a version of the Dutch Stroopwafel but did not know there is a device that is perfect for a fake.

I rode my bicycle to the nearest second-hand shop one day in June, and there I found a "waffle cone maker." The fake, for my purposes, is better than the original.

I'd been looking for a "low-relief waffle iron"-type device or set of pieces that might compose a device like that. I didn't know that they exist outside the Netherlands or Italy (or Norway,) and that I can afford one.

The perfection of this fake — and another reason that I'd never presume to call my version a stroopwafel — is that it produces a wafer that is thinner than that of the official cookie, which must be sliced crosswise and filled. These may be simply pressed hot around the filling.

The discovery, the breakthrough, is conceptual — not dependent upon this one specimen. They exist, I know now, and indeed there are low-end commercial versions that are within my budget.

In the filling, which can form neat little viscous spheres at refrigerated temperatures, is apple reduction, brown sugar, and butter. I've replaced the molasses of the recipe that I found because it's the bitter component is not compatible with the flavor of cannabis oil.

  — Summer 2016