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Rock and a hard place

Ireland, March 2003 —

Life can be really stupid sometimes, I told Gary. Yep. Sitting below the Rock of Cashel in his car eating burgers and chips. Referin' of course to the events of my previous weekend, my birthday weekend.

No profound feeling from Cashel, just that. Yeah, history. People taking something so seriously that they build such structures. I don't get it. But here I am, I want to build something great.

Melissa got locked into her bedroom tonight. She busted the key off in the lock. She'd just gotten the key today. Hm. Feeling insecure, I guess, all the hostility in house.

  • 977 Brian Boru was crowned King of Munster at Cashel. He became high king of Ireland in 1022. The only high king.

  • Littleton Ireland, entirely inland and riverless, has a boat dealership. Well, at least one — the dealership(s) is/are arrayed along both sides of the road.

Searching "littleton ireland boats" on Google, I found their city government website. I Searched that site for "boats" and found only this:

"Over the past year, the Littleton City Council has been exploring the possibility of passing an ordinance that would prohibit recreational vehicles, boats, utility trailers, etc., from being parked in front of residences for more than 48 hours."

This would not likely be notable outside Ireland. Ireland has a population of about 25,000 Irish Travellers, an itinerant people who live these days in travel trailers — caravans, as they're called here. (Notable too that in no case does this article mention the word "caravan," though it clearly encompasses them in its definition.)

But I still don't know why Littleton has a boat dealership.

— March, 2003, Kilkenny Ireland