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The Idle Tower at the pinnacle of a boom economy

The Elysian

Conceived and funded in the late days of the "Celtic Tiger" economic frenzy, the project was completed in September of 2008. The national economy was in collapse.

There's a 17-story-tall building in Cork City Ireland that stands nearly empty, another emblem of the runaway building spree that gripped the country until the market for housing crashed and all of that stopped.

The Elysian's website still (in late 2012) blurbs the project as "A very stylish affair."

That phrase comes bearing sly connotation, only slightly buried.

Of course a "stylish affair" could be, quite simply, a sophisticated illicit sexual relationship. That's a bit racy in the land of the saints and scholars.

But the phrase is just enough to titillate a buried sexuality; not enough to be an overt double entendre.

One could understand it to mean "a matter, a concern, an issue, an arrangement." A situation. A stylish situation; A stylish affair.

It can be played legit, but there is a hint of the illicit or secretive.

This was the high-water mark of the "Celtic Tiger" boom economy.