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• The Oregon Trail was a massive government-supported program.
Reputation is nothing more than a local group's generalized assessment of your worth.

• The movement of stars has less influence on personality than does a game of pool.

• The bilingual are nearly useless to anyone really learning a new language....

• The body of science deriving from the study of laughter is not itself at all funny.

• I think that the Irish repression of sexuality has its basis in the fact that they have no ass.

• We're all the same at 40 degrees below zero. (Q.V.)

• ... and may your name become an adjective; never a verb....

• Your misconceptions of me are out of date....

• I presume we're not speaking. Please tell me at what age-behavior range I should calibrate my expectations.

Flirting from the safety of a relationship is catch-and-release.

• The Latin (Roman) languages are more phonetic because the Romans invented their alphabet.

• There are about 3000 polders in The Netherlands, with an average surface area of about 5 square kilometers.

• The U.S. in Iraq, '03 — a criminal war.

• The sweet potato and the Araucana chicken are both strong pieces of evidence for a pre-Columbian Polynesian link across the Pacific.

• The "birthday paradox" is a non-problem generated by contradiction between mathematics and intuition....

• 3.83 km (2.4 miles)   —   the distance between Little Diomede, Alaska (USA) and Big Diomede, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug (Russia.)

• The Dutch Golden Age was a period corresponding almost exactly with the 17th century in which the United Provinces of The Netherlands achieved worldwide primacy in business and military power, and (depending upon definition and personal taste and/or politics) in science and art.

The collapse of World Trade Center building number 7 looked like a controlled demolition....

• With SETI having detected no sophisticated radio signals, there are probably no advanced civilizations within a few hundred light-years of the solar system.

• Anybody who enjoys the close-up of a man's face when he's f*cking a woman should be watching videos of men f*cking men.

All life on Earth is related, evolved from a single ancestor.

• People use the word "moron" with a readiness that is proportional to their feeling of distance.

• The Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie was a post-Napoleonic military system of inundation zones in The Netherlands engineered with fine specification to allow rapid flooding of a north-south line under a shallow cover of salt-and-freshwater in the incidence of threat from overland attack.